We have noted the yellow jackets are out in force! Beekeepers beware! Now is the time for traps and entrance reducers! If you are not aware yellow jackets “love” honeybees this time of year…literally! They will invade, kill and take out larvae to take back to their own nests…this can be the death warrant for weaker hives.
Go to your nearest hardware store or even grocery store to find a yellow jacket trap. Bait it and get it out! Then put entrance reducers on your hives…this at least gives your guard bees a chance to slow down the invaders…if you are seeing yellow jackets it may even be too late. Personally I have seen a hive devastated over a few days because yellow jackets have found a weak hive…and so they come back again and again until they kill all the bees or the hive swarms to save themselves.
Now is not the time to remind you but…you should have put out traps last spring for the yellow jacket queens! This would have reduced the number of yellow jackets considerably by this time…yet somehow we all forget don’t we?
Now check out the massive extraction I did in Napa, CA Friday morning!

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